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Necco's Emancipated Youth Program Prevents Homelessness in Young Adults


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Each year in the United States, tens of thousands of youth in foster care age out. Recent numbers show that last year alone 23,396 American teens in foster care found themselves on their own upon turning 18[i]. This population of young people is particularly vulnerable, as they do not have appropriate family supports and the resources necessary for life on their own. As a result, this group is at high risk for homelessness, joblessness, incarceration, welfare dependency, early pregnancy and sexual and physical abuse. “Turning 18 is tough for kids who have grown up in the foster care system. Suddenly they find themselves saddled with overwhelming responsibilities,” says Jessica Parks, Necco Case Coordinator and Therapist. “The EYP program helps cushion the blow of being on their own with no supports to speak of.”

Necco’s Emancipated Youth Program works to prevent the complex problems faced by this population. EYP is a 6-month program that combines housing, weekly case management, life skill development and job coaching to provide the supports needed for self-sufficiency and help ensure a more successful transition to adulthood.

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. Nationwide more than a quarter million children enter foster care per year. In Ohio alone, 9,561 children and youth entered the foster care system last year[ii]. Necco utilizes its strong network of quality foster parents and experienced staff to ensure that this population is properly served right here in our community. During National Foster Care Month especially, Necco seeks to raise awareness of youth growing up in and aging out of foster care. Throughout the month of May Necco will host various awareness and appreciation events that recognize both the foster care issue and those who actively work to make a positive difference for youth.

Founded in 1997, Necco is a multi-state provider of child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health services. Located locally at 415 Glensprings Drive and headquartered in Over-the-Rhine, Necco’s mission is to build families of all types. The company serves more than 1,400 recipients of all ages and their families who face an array of challenges. Necco offers programs such as therapeutic foster care, foster to adopt, adoption assistance, alternatives to secure detention, independent living, intensive home-based treatment, mental health, community living and more. To learn more, visit


[i] From the AFCARS Report 2013

[ii] From Child Welfare Outcomes Report Data. Children’s Bureau.

Originally Published on 5.8.14