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Your family can make all the difference in rebuilding a child’s life. Become a foster parent and learn how you can help.  Click here.

Necco Center Creates a Place to Call Home

Necco Center represents a special kind of family fine-tuned to special needs populations through a 34-acre campus community and supported homes in southern Ohio. Learn more

Necco Inspires the FutureFor older youth, sometimes family means the one you build for yourself. Our independent and transitional living programs focus on sustained independence, education, employment and, ultimately, empowerment. Learn more

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Sometimes building a family through a loving foster home is the most appropriate choice for a child at risk. Our specially trained foster families and qualified staff have helped thousands of children of all ages work through the challenges of being removed from their biological homes.  Learn More 

Intensive home-based treatment builds families from within by meeting them where they are and addressing the root causes of dysfunction. When youth absolutely must be removed from their homes, IHBT reunifies them with their families at a much safer time.  Learn more.

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