How can Necco support Kinship Parents?

Necco offers a wide range of support services for traditional foster parents, and we can support kinship parents in many of the same ways depending on which state you live in.


Necco has a strong and established track record for providing counseling and behavioral health services to foster children and their families. Given our history and experience, Necco is uniquely positioned to provide focused, trauma specific counseling options to you and the child entrusted in your care.

Foster Parent Training (OH & WV)

Whether this is your first-time parenting, or you've already raised a family, more training can always help you be prepared for whatever comes your way! Necco offers free foster parent training courses online year-round, and once you become a certified foster parent you would be eligible to help other children as well! Not only could you benefit from the training courses themselves, but from the numerous other Necco support systems we offer!

What is Kinship Care?

Kinship care is when children are raised by grandparents, other extended family members or adults with whom they have a family-like relationship such as godparents and close family friends. Legal custody of a child may or may not be involved, and the child may be related by blood, marriage or adoption. This arrangement is also known as "kincare" or "relative care". Kinship placement allows children to maintain connections to communities, schools, and family members; and increase the likelihood of eventual reunification with birth parents. Though Kinship Care is not technically the same as Foster Care, it is governed by many of the same rules and regulations.