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Foster to Adopt in West Virginia

Our Foster to Adopt program is an excellent option for parents seeking to grow their families.

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Foster to Adopt in West Virginia

More than 25% of all foster children are eligible for adoption at any given time, making Necco’s Foster to Adopt program an excellent option for parents seeking to grow their families.

Why Foster to Adopt in West Virginia?

Build A Relationship

By fostering a child first, you’ll build a relationship with them as you progress towards adoption. You’ll know about their physical and emotional needs and can be sure you’re a good fit for each other. By the time you’re ready to adopt, they’re already part of your family.

More Transparency

The adoption process is full of unknowns. With Foster to Adopt, you can make the most informed decisions possible when building your family.

Financial Assistance

Adoptions through foster care are often funded by the state. In most cases, there are few or no fees. In addition, Federal or State programs offer assistance to remove the barriers to adopting through foster care, including tax benefits for income and expenses.

Why Necco?

Resources and Advocacy

Necco offers access to more resources and support to parents than what’s available working directly with the state. Our adoption specialists are happy to answer all of your adoption-related questions and guide you on your path to providing “forever homes” to children in need.

Thoughtful Matches

With Necco, you’ll be assigned a Home Resource Coordinator who will establish that you are a foster to adopt home during your approval process. This will help match children who are looking for a loving, adoptive home.


The key to success is our experience, and we have a lot of it.

While the goal of foster care is reunification with the family of origin, sometimes that's not possible. Necco's Foster to Adopt program is how we work to permanently place these kids with loving families; since 1996 we have facilitated over 10,000 adoptions!

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Who CAN foster to adopt?

We just ask that you read these guidelines to see if you qualify for being a potential foster parent.

  • 21 years of age or older

  • Sufficient income to meet basic needs of the child

  • Free of physical, emotional or mental conditions that could endanger the child

  • No prohibitive criminal offenses

Who CANNOT foster to adopt?

Fostering isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Here are the main reasons some individuals cannot become foster parents.

  • Prohibitive criminal offenses

  • Insufficient income or room in your home

  • No valid driver’s license

  • Lack of reliable transportation

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