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Protocols for Community Engagement

Plan for Community Emergencies

Protocols for the community in which a residential facility is located to communicate concerns or other pertinent information directly to an agency.

ENA, Inc. (Necco Center) will provide an awareness letter describing program and pertinent contact information to first responders and county officials.

In the event of a community emergency, first responders should contact Executive Director, Bianca Sexton at (office) 740-534-1386, or her personal phone 606-831-1611.

Protocols for the agency in responding to such:

  • MCA team and executive director will assess individual community concerns, followed by an appointment of a team by the Executive Director for the discussion and handling any concerns voiced from the surrounding community. Concerns will be addressed within 7 days. If necessary, ENA, Inc,., Necco Center will initiate the Emergency Preparedness protocols.

  • The agency Community Engagement Plan will be provided upon request to an individual and posted on Necco Center web site.

Orientation procedures for training residential facility staff on the implementation of the community engagement plan and procedures for responding to incidents involving a child at the facility and neighbors or the police. - A copy of the community engagement plan is included in the General Safety Training initiated in orientation and annually thereafter.

In accordance with ODJFS residential regulations, Necco Center is required to provide the following information to area first responders.

Written notice of the facilities address Necco Center 115 Private Road 977 Pedro, OH 45659

The Necco Center operates within first responder jurisdiction of Lawrence County, Ohio.

Contact Information P: 740-534-1386 F: 740-534-1516 Bianca Sexton, Executive Director 606-831-1611

Please click here for Necco Center’s policy for Community Engagement and Emergency Preparedness: Policy ASE 7 - Emergency Response Preparedness/Media Relations