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Meet Erin Kendall: Cincinnati Team Lead


Written by: Corinne Rivers


Erin Kendall is a Foster Care Team Lead in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been with Necco for three years.

Erin’s journey into the realm of foster care has been a blooming flower ever since she was young. Even though Erin has been a social worker since 2005, her passion for the field started with an earlier family connection. Erin’s aunt and uncle ran a group home for boys, which her dad worked at while she was growing up. As she got older, she found her passion in social work.

“When I was in high school and college, I was always the friend that was the problem solver,” she says.

She earned her master’s degree in social work and is currently pursuing an independent social work license. Before working at Necco, Erin worked at a different foster care company and says she knew that foster care was her passion. She began at Necco as a Licensing Specialist but quickly moved to Team Lead within the Cincinnati office.

When she’s not working, Erin likes to spend time with her children and grandchildren, who call her “GaGa.” She also enjoys hanging out with friends and going on vacations.

Erin’s favorite part about her job is getting to hear all the good news and uplifting stories from the case workers on her team and throughout the company.

“My first day at Necco I knew this was the company for me.” Erin says. “When I get to talk to foster parents or help do a home visit and see the special bond the kids and foster parents have, that also grows the passion I have.”

The important leadership Erin provides her team does not go unnoticed. Cincinnati Program Director Sarah DeKelaita says, "I’m incredibly thankful that I have Erin on my team and in my corner to help lead and support our case managers. She has such a crucial role and I appreciate all of her skills and dedication that she brings to the table every day."

When I asked for advice to current or future employees, Erin gave three helpful tips:

  1. Take every opportunity to learn and grow your skills

  2. Never give up on the tough days

  3. Remember that the kids we work with are the reason we do what we do

Erin's passion and determination to help both her team and the children they serve is such an invaluable part of Necco Foster Care. You can learn more about fostering with our short form here or if you're interested in working for us, check out the career opportunities on our job board.