Necco Scholarship Fund Receipents

As Giddy as Two School Girls

Rob Goodwin, Chief People Officer for Necco is arguably the most giddy during this time of year:  the announcement of the We Build Families Scholarship recipients. It is not because he is in the running for the money; it is because he gets to be the person who gives it all away.

The premise behind Necco’s Scholarship program is to thank our people by investing in their greatest resource, their children. One hundred percent of the money for the program comes from private donors within the company who value continuing education. “The Necco Scholarship Fund is another step toward our growth and evolution as a company. It is no longer just about our employees’ learning, but fostering learning in our employees’ children”, reported Goodwin.

Rosemary Howell and Acrista Fryer are the daughters of Necco employees, Elizabeth Cremeans (Shelly) and Kelli Fryer. Rosemary is in her Junior year at Ohio University in Athens majoring in Fine Arts. Acrista is a Junior at South Point High School taking college courses through Ohio University. Although the girls are in different stages of their lives, their goals and educational values could not be more in line with one another. Both are diligent with their schoolwork, passionate about learning and focused on achieving college degrees. Their mothers, Shelly and Kelli, have names that rhyme, have daughters, and have both worked at the Necco Center as Human Resources Coordinator! When they found out their daughters were up against one another for the Necco Scholarship, it was bittersweet. Shelly and Kelli felt that both of the girls were worthy of the award.  

Rob set the stage for the surprise announcement, but a little deception was necessary to pull it off. The moms and daughters were under the impression that they were meeting to do one final interview to determine the winner. Gathered together in the Necco South Point office, Rob made some small talk with the ladies. Then, he unexpectedly belted out “Hear Ye, Hear Ye” which was the signal for other offices to join via videoconference. Suddenly, a massive group of Necco employees were witnessing Rob, in true Ed McMahon and Publishers Clearinghouse style; complete with gigantic checks. Both girls were awarded the scholarship. The room was filled with balloons, family, friends, and happy tears!  

“It was so special to me because I have spent half of my life in the Necco culture.  They are family and are helping me start and pursue a new chapter in my life.  I was overwhelmed with joy.” Acrista Fryer 

“Being one of two Necco scholarship recipients has been humbling, particularly knowing how much thought people put in to making it happen. I feel very honored and I plan to diligently continue working on obtaining my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree.” Rosemary Howell