Necco Team Member Wins Award At Cincinnati State

Necco Case Manager Assistant Wins Prestigious Award

We could not be more pleased that one of our own was honored by a local university recently.  Jessica Mandich, Case Manager Assistant for Necco of Cincinnati, was recently named "Most Influential Woman" of Cincinnati State.  Jessica shares with us her winning submission that touches on many of Necco's Corporate Culture Principles, but most importantly, Self-Actualization.  We are fortunate to have such a strong and successful woman building families with us!

It is not what happens to each of us that determines how much we enjoy our lives, but rather our reaction to what happens. Though we may have no choice in unexpected events that occur, we most certainly have choice in what we choose to do about it. Cincinnati State was my choice to end the vicious cycle that followed me as a result of being a victim of sexual abuse. 

A successful empowering woman full of self-worth and confidence is a long path away from where I was a year ago. Although I never allowed victimization to define me, there were many demons I could no longer combat alone. I had to shift my actions to create what I really wanted out of life.

Cincinnati State is just the beginning of this journey but a critical pathway to say the least. This is where I was able to reinvent myself and begin my path to helping others. I can finally say I love myself and where I am today. I am a successful student and proud team member of Women’s Empowerment who impacts the lives of individuals every day. I am currently a student who holds a 3.82 GPA. Cincinnati State has allowed me to believe in my journey to invoke the same inspiration in other individuals that I followed a year ago.