Foster Care Case Manager on Self Improvement

Meghan Mabrey has worn many hats.

For the last 8 years, her career path has been anything but ordinary. Yet, every time she changed a hat, she became a better version of herself.

Being promoted through the company at a record pace, Meghan is the walking definition of Self Actualization – tremendous personal growth is contagious and promotes team learning and healthy competition.

Meghan didn’t start her career building families. Her initial pursuit was cardiovascular technology, but soon realized her heart was pulling her elsewhere. Meghan went back to school to study Sociology. During her studies, she was hired to be a part time Admin Specialist for a Foster Care office in Albany, GA.

After graduation, Meghan was hired as foster care case manager. After two years, she decided that she wanted to help families through the foster parent certification process as a Home Resource Coordinator(HRC). This transition was a significant change from case management, but Meghan thought to herself “Why not?”

After her time as an HRC, Meghan was promoted to Team Lead. This was a monumental move for Meghan, the office and Necco as a whole. She was able to bring her rich experiences in a variety of positions to help her team.

“It’s so great that I can push myself and others will push me too. We have this one big goal and that is growth in general. Whether it is personal or professional.

You mentioned that 2017 has by far been the roughest year: two tornados and a hurricane. If you had to develop a motto for how you got through it, what would your motto be? It’s not really a motto but a mindset of staying positive, quitting is not an option, and tough times do not last.

What has Self-Actualization taught you about yourself that you did not already know?
1. I embrace the unknown
2. It’s okay to fail but most important to me is rechanneling it for motivation.
3. Perception is very important; whether it’s understanding your own or someone else’s, both are very real.

A huge aspect of Self-Actualization is the ability to trust in others. Why do you feel that you would not be where you are today without trusting your team? Trusting in your team allows each member to feel empowered, a better working environment, and builds a strong foundation. Not trusting teammates can hinder the progression of the team, which will impede our team’s success.

Your career path and growth in the company could be described as “fast and furious”. What keeps you grounded? A Healthy mind! I meditate for clarity, sleep, centering myself, the list goes on and on!

What movie title would you use to describe where Meghan is going next? Dead Poets Society, because even though this movie can be sad at times, it inspires others to travel their own path in life. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

Meghan has certainly traveled her own path and fostered a culture of growth and progression within her own team. Rob Goodwin, Necco’s Chief People Officer, visited her office recently and made the statement “There is something here. You can just feel it.” We think what he is feeling might just be years of Self-Actualization at work.