Beau Necco talks about the people behind the numbers

At the end of the day, we understand that finding a home for kids that need one is not always easy and not one size fits all. That's why Necco does things differently! See what's behind the scenes from the view of Beau Necco.

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Beau Necco and Chapin Hall Bring Accountability to Child Welfare

Beau Necco is not one to sit idle when he sees something that doesn't add up. It’s said that less than one half of one percent of all the world’s data is never analyzed and used. Imagine the potential. Beau Necco did, and in 2012, began taking steps to ensure his company’s data was not only accurate but being collected in a sustainable, meaningful way. Read the whole story.

Beau Necco Discusses Business Beginnings

Beau Necco seemed forever destined to make his living, and his mark, in the social sphere, particularly in areas concerning the welfare of the disenfranchised. The son of two progressively minded individuals social justice was the backbone of his family. Read the whole story.

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Beau Necco on Improving Foster Care in Kentucky with House Bill 1

Beau Necco sees House Bill 1 as a win for kids as it takes effect—overhauling Foster Care and Adoption in Kentucky. “The key now is execution,” says Beau Necco, Founder and CEO of Necco, who discussed the bill with Mario Anderson on the public affairs program In Focus Kentucky last month. More than 9,500 children in Kentucky’s foster care and adoption system will be better served, thanks to the successful passage of Kentucky House Bill 1, which took effect July 14, 2018. Read the full story

Beau Necco's team takes on the Opioid Crisis

People are constantly living on the edge of crisis and kids are the collateral damage. CEO Beau Necco is witness to this struggle on a daily basis. He recently sat down to talk about the U.S. opioid crisis and its far-reaching consequences to families. Read the full story.