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Meet Tyler Grimmett: Director of Trauma-Informed Care & Resiliency at Necco Center


Written by: Corinne Rivers


Tyler Grimmett is the Director of Trauma-Informed Care & Resiliency at the Necco Center and has been with Necco since 2010.

He earned is bachelors in counseling and his masters in mental health counseling, both from Marshall University. Tyler currently lives in Ashland, KY, but grew up in Proctorville, OH.

When he’s not working, Tyler likes exercising and spending time with his two hound dogs, Dewie and Walter. He also loves pro-wrestling and the Buffalo Bills and is a ‘Parrot Head’ (a huge fan of Jimmy Buffett).

In 2010, Tyler started working at the Necco Center as a Child Care Worker before becoming a shift coordinator and case manager. In 2013, he switched to ASO case management at the Necco Huntington office. Upon earning his master’s degree, he opened the Necco Charleston office (originally called Cross Lanes) in 2014.

Tyler left Necco in 2015 for about a year and a half to work with the Boy Scouts before returning to the Center in 2017. He says that the welcome he was given upon his return made him realize that he was in the right place. He has received continuous support, both personally and professionally.

A story that is near and dear to Tyler’s heart is about a young man who arrived at the Center not long after Tyler started in 2010. He says that this guy was a favorite of everyone on staff. When Tyler left in 2013, he says he wasn’t able to see him until he came back in 2017. One day he felt a tug on his shirt from behind and a someone ask, “Are you Tyler Grimmett?” When he said yes, the young man gave him a huge hug and Tyler knew that he had done something right.

Throughout Tyler’s Necco journey, he’s learned a few things. He wants others to know that you should work hard but remember to always take care of yourself.

He adds, “Meritocracy is real and when you do your best for yourself and others, it pays dividends. Remember that Necco will become your family if you allow it.”

It is our priority to give every child the support they need and the love they deserve, and it’s warriors like Tyler and the rest of our Center staff are a huge part of what Necco does for kids. To learn more about the Necco Center, visit our Residential Living page. If you’ve connected with Tyler’s story and what to become a part of our team, check out our job board.