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Necco Foster Parent Spotlight: Q and D Callwood’s Journey


Written by: Necco Team


At Necco, we believe in the power of love, resilience, and dedication. Meet Q and D Callwood, two of our incredible foster parents, who delve into their journey into foster care and the impact it has had on their lives. Their experiences highlight the transformative power of providing a safe and loving home for children in need. Watch the video to hear directly from them about why they foster and the importance of community.

The Path to Foster Care

After experiencing the heartbreak of three failed private adoptions, Q and D turned to foster care on the advice of a close friend. In 2016 they embarked on this new journey in Florida, motivated by their deep desire to provide love and care to children who needed it most, and have been going nonstop ever since. They even quit their jobs to become self-employed and dedicate time to the kids in their care.

Personal Backgrounds and Unique Challenges

Q and D come from different family backgrounds that allows them to provide a rich foundation for understanding and addressing the various needs of foster children. They don’t worry about stares from others when caring for a child of a different race. The priority is always the child and supporting them in meaningful ways.

Memorable Experiences

From taking children on their first road trips to going to Disney World, Q and D cherish creating unforgettable moments for the kids in their care. Imagine having your first birthday party at eight years old. Q and D realize the importance of these experiences. It’s not just about fun and excitement; it’s about giving children the opportunity to feel loved, valued, and part of a family.

The Importance of a Strong Support System

One of the key messages Q and D emphasize is the importance of having a robust support system. Whether it’s friends, family, or colleagues, having people you can rely on is crucial in navigating the challenges of foster care. Their story underscores the necessity of community and the incredible support they received from their family, friends, and our agency.

A Message to the LGBTQ+ Community

Q and D encourage LGBTQ+ individuals to consider fostering, highlighting the need for loving homes and support for children exploring their own identities. They share their experience of overcoming societal stigmas and embracing the joy and challenge of fostering, regardless of race or background. Their story is a beacon of hope and a call to action for the LGBTQ+ community to make a difference in the lives of foster children.

Join Us in Creating Families

We are so grateful to have parents like D and Q a part of Necco and celebrate their dedication. Together, we can change lives and build a brighter future for children in foster care. We encourage you reading this to #BeHome for them.

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