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How you can help during National Adoption Month



Imagine yourself at age 18. Then remove all family support — no advice, no connections, no one to call to celebrate victories or lament defeats. What kind of decisions would you have made, and where would you be now?

November is a time for us to drive awareness and action around adoption. Specifically, in 2017 the focus is on teenage adoption. It’s common for people to picture babies or young children in need of homes. But what many people aren’t considering are the number of teens who have no one to call family. Sadly, these children are far less likely to ever find an adoptive family. Necco urges people to remember that these are indeed still children — and they still need the guidance, support, and love of a family.

There are thousands of teens in foster care. The need to find families who are willing and able to welcome them into their home is massive. All too frequently, children will age out of the system without a support system in place to help them in the future. The power of family can’t be underestimated at any age. For these teens forming a connection now, will change the trajectory of their life both legally and emotionally.

Necco supports adoptions in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Georgia. When a foster parent or adoptive parent becomes a part of the Necco family, the Necco team surrounds them with support and resources necessary for the family to have the best possible outcomes. While a child is in foster care, Necco provides 24-hour need-based care to the foster parent and the child. Once they have been adopted, Necco can continue to facilitate resources, connections, and overall supportive services.

Come be a part of something that makes you feel good. Talk to us about adoption. Speak with folks who have chosen Necco to build their family. Change how the story ends for a child who needs you. Someone is waiting for you.

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