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How to Become a Foster Parent



Before most families start their journey to become foster parents, they generally have a variety of questions. But the most common of those is ‘What are the steps to becoming a foster parent?’ Some misconceptions many families have about the foster process are: there are too many steps, they won’t be able to meet all of the requirements, or they just won’t have the time to complete the process.

Our goal is to provide families with clarity and reassurance regarding what it really takes to become a foster parent. Read on to learn how your journey could begin with Necco.

Here’s how it works:

1. Getting to Know You You have been talking about fostering for months or years, even. You have finally decided to reach out to Necco to learn more. The first thing Necco does is schedule you for Orientation. Necco’s Orientation is really just a long word for getting to know you! It’s a casual meeting between you and a Necco Home Resource Coordinator. We can either meet in your home or in our office. Ask us all the questions you can think of and we will answer them! We will also discuss the many fostering options you have available to you.

2. Training You will join other families who have also chosen to start their fostering journey. We realize that not everyone shares the same schedules in life, so we offer flexible training that meets the needs of our families. Each state has varying training requirements, but most families can expect to attend an 8-10 week fostering course.

Covering every aspect of fostering, our trainers aim to provide families with the most accurate, current, and thorough information. Some of the topics we will cover include: what it looks like when a child enters care, ways in which we support our children and families, discipline strategies, and even the adoption process.

3. Your Family is Unique We recognize that one family type does not fit all. During your certification process, we will explore the age ranges and genders of children you would like to foster and children you feel would work best within your family’s dynamic. But we will also introduce you to families who foster children of all age ranges and genders. Sharing their stories encourages our prospective families to explore a fostering dynamic that they have not previously considered.

4. Establishing a Network

Life is full of ups and downs. That’s why every family has their own network of support: family, friends, and community members, who help them out in a pinch. This group is especially important to count on when you begin fostering a child. You can count on adding a few more names to your existing network when you foster with Necco. From your Home Resource Coordinator to your Case Manager, our staff are with you every step of the way. Much like your friends and family, we offer you peace of mind. You are never on this journey alone.

5. Paperwork

Absolutely no certification process would be complete without all the necessary paperwork involved, foster parenting included! The documentation process ensures that we are meeting all state guidelines for approving our families to foster. Throughout your training, we will be collecting documents from you, such as:

  1. Identification Cards

  2. Utility Statements

  3. Marriage or Divorce Certificates (if applicable).

We will work with you to ensure that this part of your journey is “worry-free!”

6. Real Families, Real Life It’s always great to interact with our families in their homes and outside of the classroom walls! We will set up a few visits to your home to meet with your family and experience your unique dynamic. Don’t worry- we aren’t expecting to see a perfect t.v. family. We expect to see real families living real lives. Interacting with your family members is one of our favorite steps of the fostering journey.

7. Superhero Status You made it! You are officially a certified superhero, a.k.a. Foster Parent! Now is the time to put everything you have learned to work. It’s also time to realize that nothing goes according to plan! But, sometimes, those are the moments that make the best memories.

Becoming certified to foster is a journey, and it’s one we will take with you every step of the way. Think fostering is for you?

Reach out to us to start your journey today.