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Grayson Kentucky Luggage of Love


Written by: Chris Conley


Ashland's Central Park provided the backdrop for Necco Grayson's Luggage of Love benefit for kids in foster care. On a perfect Friday evening Necco team members raised awareness of the troubling fact that some children come into the foster care system with only a few of their own personal items. Some of which are hurriedly placed in a garbage bag as they leave their homes.

Necco's luggage drive benefited For Jamie’s Sake, a local non-profit foster and adoption resource center, located in Northeastern, Kentucky. For Jamie's Sake commonly works with various Necco locations to help provide luggage, clothing, and other personal items to children as they begin their journey into foster care. It's the goal of both organizations to make their journey as positive as possible and hope that they find their forever family along the way.

Luggage of Love brought in over 205 pieces of gently used luggage and duffel bags. The fun, family event included live music from Necco team members, inflatables for kids, and even a raffle for a big screen TV.

Necco Grayson thanks all the wonderful people that donated: the Necco Grayson staff, Tim Holmes, Rebecca Akers, and Cole Potter and the Renegades for their amazing effort. You can continue to donate with luggage or funds to the Grayson office at 59 Fivco Court Grayson, KY, 41143 or For Jamie's Sake at 1544 Winchester Ave, Ashland, KY 41101.