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4 Questions for New Foster Parents


Written by: Iris Kelley, M.S.


Necco calls you about a child in need. You answer. You are an approved Necco foster family waiting to welcome this child into your home. You made the bed. Their room is ready. There is even a new place at the dinner table. Because of your family’s love, this child is about to experience a whole new world.

As prepared as you are, there are still some often-forgotten questions you should ask.

To get your new foster family off to the best possible start, consider these 4 questions as a new Necco foster parent:

1. Where will my child go to school? The best scenario for most foster children is to stay in their current school district to finish out the school year. Foster children need consistency and stability, especially in school. But if a child has been placed in a foster home outside his/her district, transportation can become a challenge for our parents.

Fortunately, Necco has years of experience partnering with school districts to ensure stability for our kids and coordination for our foster parents.

2. What can you tell me about my child’s medical history or diagnosis? When our team calls you with a foster care referral, we disclose and explain medical history about the child. This information could include learning disabilities, psychological issues or medical concerns.

If the child has been diagnosed with a condition you are unfamiliar with, just ask for clarification! Necco’s clinical teams have years of experience in the world of medical terminology, they are an excellent resource and support!

3. What behaviors does my child exhibit? All children have them. But foster children can exhibit some behaviors that are uncommon. Exposure to drug use, domestic violence, or abuse and neglect, can take their toll. As a result, they may exhibit depression, emotional sensitivity, anger, or difficulty connecting with others.

It is important that you know what to expect so you can be prepared to best help the child through therapy, consistency, and what the child needs most. Love.

Necco’s case managers will share information, provide you with answers, and guide you through this process!

4. Why was my child removed from his/her home or foster home? A foster child referral is made for a variety of reasons. The child may have been removed from the biological home due to abuse or neglect, due to not being the correct match in a current foster home. Sadly, sometimes abandonment is the reason.

It is important to know why the child needs placement. Our Home Resource Coordinators are skilled in matching children to homes to ensure a successful placement.

Just because a child who was not a match for a certain foster family, does not mean that he or she will not blossom in your home. Family dynamic, biological children, and family schedules are just a few of the factors that can determine a successful foster home placement. One family does not fit all. Necco works relentlessly to find the best match for your loving home.

Knowledge is key. Our goal is to equip our foster families with all the tools and support possible so they can build strong healthy families in foster care. It’s how we have built over 25,000 families over the past 20 years. Check out some of the most common questions we are asked about becoming foster parents on our FAQ page.

We look forward to building families with you.