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Foster Care Stories: Brittany's Journey


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Today, Brittany Hamilton graduates from Morehead State University – and Necco couldn’t be prouder. As a former Necco youth, Brittany has experienced an amazing journey from her time in care to the graduate she is today. Her commitment to learning and her interest and talent in visual art, particularly in illustration, have earned her keys to a world of exciting opportunities. Brittany plans on a successful career in the creative industry where she can express her passion through digital design.

Brittany has been creating for years. In 2011, she won Necco’s Art & Poetry Contest with her entry Time Traveler. As part of her grand prize winnings, Brittany had the chance to spend the day embedded in Necco’s marketing department with Art Director Angela Bayless, and Director of Marketing Deidra Necco. David Chaltas and Kelly Adkins-Conley from Necco of Grayson accompanied her, along with Pam Priddy, Executive Director of Necco Kentucky, the crew spent the day learning about graphic design, perfecting Brittany’s custom tee-shirt design, visiting institutions such as the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the School for Creative and Performing Arts, and checking out the Cincinnati arts scene. It was a day none of us will soon forget.

David Chaltas says, “[Brittany has]… faced many adversities and has overcome them all. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her mature and become the talented young person that she is. I thank her for everything she has taught me. I know she will make her mark on this world and when she does, we will be grinning from ear to ear.” We are happy to report that Brittany recently landed her first professional job as a graphic designer in central Kentucky.

Originally Published 5.10.14