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Necco Center Community Engagement Plan

The administrative team and program directors have developed protocols to alert local neighbors and regional authorities when communication needs arise. These instances include children who leave the campus without oversight (AWOL protocol), community activities and other concerns that could affect the local community.

Center staff have developed relationships with the regional law enforcement entities

including the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and Ohio State Police to maintain safety for children, staff, and neighbors. Alerts are made regarding critical incidents that require their involvement and incidents which may involve the local neighborhood.

These regional authorities have Center administrators contact information, including on­call staff members. Each community entity in which the Center is located has a copy of the

Center's protocols as well posted directly lines of communication to the Center (see below).

In addition to communication when needs arise, the Center's administrators seek to foster a sense of community with the neighbors which leads to a safer environment for

children, staff, and neighbors. Neighbors receive a quarterly update regarding any campus wide events or changes to alert protocols. Neighbors are also given updated contact information for the management team and directors. Neighbors are contacted in the AWOL protocol to alert them of the issue and every neighbor has the Center's contact information including phone numbers, web page and email addresses. The AWOL protocol is shared with the neighbors so that they have a basic understanding of the steps staff may take to secure the campus perimeter, the staff posting positions and the coordinated efforts with law enforcement and/or search and rescue.

The regional Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and the local fire department's Search and Rescue team are regional entities the Center administrators maintain

frequent contact. Communication is vital to the safety of children and staff when emergencies arise, including AWOL concerns. These departments also have the Center's administrators contact information.

The Center has also developed a working partnership with the regional Health Department to ensure better access to health care needs for children and staff. This office also maintains regular contact with Center administrators.

The parties listed above, including regional law enforcement, regional EMA, regional fire department/search & rescue, health department and all neighbors all have contact information for the Center including the following:

Main campus number: 740-534-1386 Webpage: Email:

Bianca Sexton, VP of Residential Services 606-831-1611

Ruthanne Delong, Campus Operations Manager 740-533-7730

Should any entity have an issue or concern arise, they may communicate concerns or other pertinent information directly NECCO. The contact phone number for the facility and facility email address is provided above. Necco administrators will respond to community requests for information within 24 hours and concerns in 2 to 24 hours, depending upon the nature of the request. Further program information may be found on our website at