Our Mission: We Build Families.

At Necco we are purpose-driven, and that purpose is to lift children out of an impossible situation and into a world filled with hope. Our purpose is to not only change their circumstances but their journey. This change requires a sense of safety, stability, and a strong support network that can only come from caring adults - foster parents like you.

There are 6 pillars that support our mission.

1. The Power of Families

We believe in the power of all types of families to help individuals overcome adversity and give them the best chance to succeed. Whether it’s the family you’re born with, the one that fostered or adopted you or some other circumstance – everyone needs a family.

2. Meritocracy

We believe our corporate culture is the hallmark of our organization and the foundation of all that we do. Our meritocracy promotes empowerment and responsibility at all levels, and encourages sustainable ideas through critical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship.

3. Entrepreneurship

We believe entrepreneurship encourages both individuals and teams to take ownership of their programs just as they would if they were running their own business.

4. Organizational Learning

We believe the faster an organization learns and adapts, the greater its capacity to build families.

5. Measurable Results

We believe measurable results drive our decision making and provide the best opportunity to transform outcomes.

6. Financial Sustainability

We highly prioritize activities that produce a favorable return on investment and maximize long-term organizational strength.