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Kinship Care FAQ

Kinship Care Questions

There are 12 classes which are typically taken over the course of 12 weeks. While attending classes you can be working with you assessor on collecting all necessary documents, completing background checks, completing the home visits and the safety assessment.

Yes! Once you have your foster care license you can foster any youth that is in need of foster care placement if you have space in your home.

Yes. You can have them placed with you while you are working on becoming a licensed caregiver.

Yes there are different rules for licensed caregivers. Many of these rules you will learn in the Pre-Service Class #1, Foster Care Rules and Regulations. Also, you will have an assessor who can explain all the rules to you during the home visit and safety assessment.

Yes. The child(ren) must be in custody of a public children’s services agency and placed in your home by that agency. The case must be currently active in juvenile court.

Once you have become licensed and the children are foster placements, not only will you receive a daily per diem, you will be assigned a case manager who can support you and the children in your home. They can connect you with any necessary behavioral health services needed, link to other partner agencies for donation assistance, help you navigate the court process, assist with enrolling children in school or educational programs, and link you with other caregivers/foster parents for support.

Yes. Necco will license you as an adoptive home as well, so if the child(ren) in your home cannot be reunified with their parents, you will have the option to adopt.

You can begin by attending our pre-service classes which are required for anyone who wishes to become a licensed caregiver (36 hours total). Currently they are offered on-line in the evenings. While in classes you will work with one of our assessors who will complete home visits with you, conduct a safety assessment of your home and write your home study.

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