For every family we build, there is a story to tell. Here is the showcase of some of our favorites.

Solace for the Senses

It's going to greatly benefit our kids and help them increase their coping skills.-Ashley Stamper, Cottage Captain/Shift Coordinator We all have... See more.

Dream Job

People who say “It’s not nice to brag” must not have the kind of outcomes that Necco Center’s Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) has. This team... See more.

Necco Graduates: I Am Not a Statistic

Even though we are starting this story off with some cold, hard statistics, we promise it has a happy ending! According to "National Factsheet on... See more.

Real Talk with IL Youth: I Lived

I Lived The greatest gift we have that is so commonly ignored, in the midst of life, is the ability to LIVE IT! In all our problems, in all our... See more.

Test Your Foster Care Knowledge

How much do you know about foster care? Test your knowledge here!Quiz Loading... See more.

Big Data and Permanency: What’s the Big Idea?

Merriam-Webster defines big data as “an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional database management tools”... See more.

Necco Center Puts Employment First

Employers are now looking to a new Necco Center program to create efficiencies in their workforce. The program, Community Rehabilitation, was... See more.

As Giddy as Two School Girls

Rob Goodwin, Chief People Officer for Necco is arguably the most giddy during this time of year: the announcement of the We Build Families... See more.

j'adoube: I adjust

“This is a natural progression. You study chess; you are going to be able think deep. Our boys need that.”---Andy Thomas, Necco Center.A wild... See more.

Necco Center Seeing Best Possible Days

"Best Possible Day"is a phrase Necco Center'sResidential Director, Tim Holmes, has used for many years to talk about ways to improve a person’s... See more.

Necco Center's Focus on Safety is Award Winning

Developing and sustaining a safe work place is no easy task. It takes a village.When the Ohio Bureau of Workman’s Compensation (BWC) issued the... See more.

Llamas and Pumpkins and Chili, Oh My!

“I usually have enough chili left over to get a second meal out of it. Not this year.” ~Ruthanne Delong, Director of OperationsMiss Ruthanne Delong... See more.

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