Beau Necco, CEO
Edward "Beau" Necco
Father, CEO
Beau Necco is a father of two daughters and a Social Entrepreneur. Growing up in Appalachia, he learned how to create something out of nothing. It was great training for learning how to get past “no.” His first office in Huntington, WV was a mere $100 a month including utilities. 20 years later, Necco employs 511 people and contracts with 1,893 foster parents in 22 locations, in four states.

Bob Carpenter, COO
Bob Carpenter
Father, Husband, Coach, Chief Operations Officer
Bob Carpenter has 23 years of experience building families. Beginning his journey with Necco in 1999 as a Home Resource Coordinator, Bob is an example of Necco’s “Home Grown Management” philosophy. He is a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University. He is also currently pursuing his M.B.A. at Miami University's Farmer’s School of Business. When Bob isn't helping others build families, he's spending time with his own - traveling, fishing, and coaching.

J.P. Montgomery, CSO
J.P. Montgomery
Husband, Father, Coach, Chief Strategy Officer
In 2000, JP traded in his suit and tie and banker lifestyle for his career at Necco. In tennis shoes and shorts, he shook up our industry by bringing data to life. He is a graduate of King University with a BA in Business Administration (1995) and obtained his MBA in 2006. When not communicating and supporting the execution of our mission, he enjoys his family, coaching his kids and competition.

Pam Priddy
Pamela Priddy, M.Ed., LPCC
Chief Clinical Officer
A native of Bowling Green, KY Pam has held many positions at Necco including Clinical Director and Executive Director of Kentucky. As Chief Clinical Officer she oversees the Performance Department and credentialing. Pam holds a master’s degree in Education, Counseling and Human Development with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. In addition, she is currently licensed in the state of Kentucky as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Pam has had a long and successful career devoted to counselor and social work education promoting quality care for the disenfranchised.

Mark Davis, CFO
Mark Davis
Chief Financial Officer
Prior to joining Necco, Mark was with one of the nation’s top public accounting firms. During that time, he provided auditing and accounting services to numerous private business and nonprofit organizations. In addition, he provided transaction (M&A) advisory services on twenty business combinations with deal values ranging from $5 million to $290 million. He is at his best when working in a multi-disciplinary team. He prides himself on bringing a proactive, easily-implemented approach to managing the organization’s finances. Mark is a CPA and holds a BBA from the University of Cincinnati. Go Bearcats!

Rob Goodwin, CPO
Rob Goodwin
Chief People Officer
Since 1999, Rob Goodwin has been building families with Necco. A lifelong advocate for disadvantaged children and families, Rob found his calling and passion. Most recently, Rob became our first Chief People Officer, overseeing the Human Resources Department. He is a natural at building strong teams and leaders within the company. A champion of Necco’s corporate culture, he teaches it, models it, and lives it. Rob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Ohio University and a Master’s in Adult and Technical Education Training and Development from Marshall University.

Mavis Williamson, GA State Director
Mavis Williamson
Executive Director Georgia
Mavis is an expert in child welfare & juvenile justice with a career spanning nearly two decades. She worked for the KY Dept. of Juvenile Justice for 17 years and has been with Necco since 2013. Mavis has worked with court systems, juvenile detention alternatives, both status & low level public offenders and more, and has overseen various federal grant programs. In 2011 she was the recipient of the “Distinguished Alumna” award recognizing significant contribution and outstanding service to the community.

Greg Thompson, Executive Director Ohio
Greg Thompson
Executive Director Ohio
Greg began his career with Necco as a case manager in 2005. After earning his law degree from the University of Louisville, Greg returned home to Necco,to eventually become Necco’s first Ohio State Director. As the director of teams in Cincinnati and South Point, as well as The Necco Center in Pedro, he is on a mission to grow Necco of Ohio to new heights. Greg's absolute commitment to children, and passion for winning, promises great things for Ohio. He puts his talent to work every day, growing that state’s limitless potential to build families.

Kelly Adkins-Conley, Executive Director Kentucky
Kelly Adkins-Conley
Executive Director Kentucky
Kelly Conley has served the children, families and staff of Necco for a decade and counting. Though she has held six positions throughout her journey, she provides the same high-quality, hands-on service as Kentucky’s Executive Director as she did as a Case Manager. Her leadership style has propelled Necco into the future of building strong communities for the families and children of Kentucky.

Amy Kennedy-Rickman, Executive Director West Virginia
Amy Kennedy-Rickman
Executive Director West Virginia
A native of Southern OH, Amy has worked in the social services field for nearly 16 years and has been with Necco for five years. She started as the Treatment Director of the Huntington office. She soon worked her way up to Program Director, a position she held for nearly 4 years. Amy holds a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Marshall University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of WV. Amy believes in Building Families and works toward that goal by overseeing three West Virginia offices on a daily basis. Amy lives with her husband of 14 years and their four dogs.

Ron Aceto, Business Analytics Director
Ron Aceto
Business Analytics Director
Ron Aceto has over 20 years experience in the human services industry. Ron worked 16 years for a NYC EHR software company where he was the Vice President of Client Services and Product Manager. There he worked with well over 100 agencies nationally with varying services and funding. Ron joined Necco in 2013 as the Director of Business Analytics and Process Improvements. He is recognized as the resident industry expert with his deep experience in the human services industry and use of electronic systems and processes. Ron is an instrumental part of our overall operations and strategy team.

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