Progressing towards independence.

Necco's Support for Community Living services are provided through our Northern Kentucky location. These services ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to demonstrate independence and to integrate into the community while achieving progress towards individualized goals.

The Supports for Community Living Waiver Program (SCL) and Michelle P. Waiver (MPW) are home and community-based programs funded by the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services & administered by the Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities.

Necco believes in person-centered planning that ensures dignity & respect for each person and encourages them to be the primary decision-makers in their lives, directing the planning, selection, implementation, and evaluation of their services.


Persons with a developmental or intellectual disability who require a protected environment while learning living skills, educational experiences, awareness of their environment AND meet Medicaid financial eligibility requirements are eligible for the program. To receive our CLS services, Individuals may reside in his or her own home or in his or her family's home with either SCL or the Michelle P. Waiver.

Supports and assistance may include:

  • Routine household tasks and maintenance
  • Activities of daily living
  • Personal hygience
  • Shopping
  • Money management
  • Medication management
  • Socialization
  • Relationship building
  • Leisure choices
  • Participation in community activites

Through our quality services, we help individuals achieve their highest level of independence while promoting dignity, self-worth, & respect. Our staff aims to meet each person's unique needs. The skilled and trained staff teaches self-care skills to foster independence and enhance personal development.

Necco Community Waiver Kentucky


  • Case Management (including coordination of services): Our case managers help recipients and the support team to develop, update, and monitor the care plan including all supports provided to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the individual.
  • Residential Supports (SCL ONLY): Residential support options include a family home adult foster care or staffed residence (a small individualized home). Residential Supports provide 24-hour supervision and training in activities such as laundry, routine household care, self-care, shopping, money management, socialization, and leisure activities.
  • Respite services can be provided in a variety of settings on a short-term basis due to the absence or need for relief of an individual providing care to an SCL recipient. Respite is provided only to an individual who resides with a family or home provider, adult foster care home, or his or her own or family's home.
  • Community Living Supports: Individuals receiving CLS services have the opportunity to demonstrate independence and integrate into the community while achieving progress towards individualized goals. Individuals can be residing in his or her own home or in his or her family's home with either SCL or MPW. Support and assistance may include, but are not limited to, routine household tasks and maintenance, activities of daily living, personal hygiene, shopping, money management, medication management, socialization, relationship building, leisure choices, and participation in community activities.