Building family skills.

Necco of West Virginia offers Socially Necessary Services. These are multi-faceted and utilize a variety of evidence-based practices to address the many complex problems faced by today's families.

Necco provides services that will help children and families realize their goals and achieve positive life outcomes.


Adult Life Skills:

Teaching and modeling skills such as budgeting, meal preparation, household maintenance, proper hygiene, and use of and access to community resources such as choosing a doctor or riding a bus.

CANS/CAPS Assessment:

This family assessment is an evidence-based tool that gathers information regarding the family dynamics to determine the family's strengths and needs such as: family, residential, social, educational/vocational, health, mental health, recreational, spiritual, legal and financial. The CAPS process results in the Comprehensive Assessment Report (CAR), which provides a complete assessment of child and family functioning as well as recommendations for service planning.

Crisis Home Management and Family Crisis Response:

This service involves a face-to-face intervention with the client to assess and de-escalate a family crisis that is occurring at that time. This service differs from individual or family therapy in that the emphasis is to provide immediate relief and support from the crisis.

Homemaker Services:

Homemaker Services assist with general housekeeping/homemaking tasks that caregivers must provide to ensure a safe environment for their child/children. These services may include meal preparation, grocery shopping, budgeting, and cleaning and maintaining a physically safe residence.

Needs Assessment:

Determines whether the family needs short or long-term services and establishes a short-term case plan.


Our parenting program includes instruction on essential parenting and decision-making skills, maintaining a healthy and safe home environment, effectively dealing with crisis situations and general safety (including emotional and social support).

Our program is evidence-based and includes the following curricula:

  • STEP
  • Total Transformation
  • Parenting Counts
  • 1-2-3 Magic
  • Nurturing Parenting

Social/Emotional Support:

Provides social connections and emotional support to parents where the lack of support may affect the adult's ability to parent his/her children appropriately.

Supervised Visitation:

(Both levels I and II) Visits are supervised in our office and in the community by qualified and trained staff.


Involves the direct observation of the family unit in the home to assess needs, determining if services are learned and translated to the home environment, and gathering a general understanding of the family unit and its functioning. Findings are reported to governing entities as necessary.


Transportation is available for (but not limited to) visitations, medical appointments, court hearings or MDT hearing.