We can keep kids out of juvenile detention

Necco's detention alternatives provide officials with options that ensure public safety, provide safety and accountability of the youth, and require that the youth is present at court hearings.


Everyone! Due to scarce resources juvenile justice officials must often choose between sending a youth home, without adequate safety or supervision, and placing the youth in a secure juvenile detention facility. The use of ATD services means that costly secure detention is reserved for serious and violent juveniles, helping to ensure public safety. Necco's juvenile detention alternatives have proven to be highly effective in reducing the use of costly, secure confinement with better outcomes for the youth.


Necco views detention as a legal status and not a place. Necco provides both in-home and out-of-home alternatives to secure confinement. We incorporate these services along with a continuum of care.

Services include:

  • Ankle monitor
  • Community service
  • In-home detention (with insensitive supervision)
  • Regular reporting & additional service referrals
  • Supervised foster care

Necco Alternative to Detention Georgia


Necco will consider any youth for placement in Supervised Foster Care. The availability of foster homes, the youth's background, and the ability to match the child's needs with the appropriate home are all determining factors in the placement. Necco will accept ALL youth referred for tracking services within our service coverage area. ATD participants are expected to comply with any and all behavior guidelines as dictated by the program including drug testing, school attendance, compliance with court orders, and adherence to foster home rules. Contact the Georgia office near you to learn more.