Building Families for Impact.

Necco uses proven business practices and principles to solve social problems.

Building strong families and healthy communities is our mission. Our business model allows us to generate the resources to enact a positive change within our communities.

We combine the passion of a social mission with the innovative, analytical, and tenacious qualities of business pioneers. Through market research and a unique business model, we pursue sustainable solutions to the challenges of the underserved population. Data-driven, we are committed to improving these outcomes. Our sustainability cycle drives large scale change through our model of measure, learn, execute and repeat.

We are disrupting the Child Welfare system status quo.

Social Entrepreneurs aim to permanently transform these broken systems into new, superior, and sustainable ones." --Sally Osberg and Roger Martin, authors of "Getting Beyond Better"

Building strong families ensures that our impact will long outlast the victories we experience today. You can be a part of innovative social change. Help us build the future as it should be.

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