Therapeutic support + real world skills.

We provide Independent Living for youth 18-21 to prepare them for life on their own.

Independent Living in Ohio is a stepping stone for youth to gain independence prior to emancipating out of the foster care system. A large portion of the homeless population in Ohio are former foster youth and by providing them the opportunity to enter into Independent Living and secure safe, affordable housing before emancipation we can decrease the number of former foster youth becoming homeless.

How Independent Living works in Ohio

Youth who are 16-21 are referred to Necco. They are interviewed by the Independent Living team leader or Independent Living Case Manager and at that time it is determined if they are accepted into the program. If so, an apartment is secured and furnished and the youth moves in within 1-2 weeks. Once in Independent Living, the youth is seen weekly by their Necco Case Manager to assist them in enrolling in college, securing employment, budgeting, maintaining the apartment, scheduling/attending medical appointments, and any other needs the youth may have.

They are also required to attend a monthly Independent Living group where they learn vital skills that cover topics such as:

  • First Aid/CPR
  • preparing/cooking meals
  • healthy relationships
  • budgeting and finances
  • housing programs
  • and more

Youth will remain in the program until they are emancipated from the county’s custody. At that time, they are given the money in their savings account and will be in long-term, sustainable housing they can afford.

What makes Necco different?

When enrolling a youth into Necco IL’s program, Necco works to place the youth in a scattered site location where they may already have connections in the community. If they are in school or work in a specific area or have a connection to family or a former foster family, Neco will secure an apartment in that area of town. Necco also has emergency apartments available for emergency situations when a youth needs to be placed immediately until the most appropriate IL setting can be secured.

How do I get referred?

  • Youth must be in the custody of children’s services and their county worker can make the referral.

How long does the process typically take?

  • Once Necco receives the referral for a youth needing/wanting to move into Independent Living we schedule an interview with them within 3 days. If they are accepted into the program, they can move into and IL apartment within 1 week.

Do I get stipends?

  • $200 monthly grocery stipend, $70 monthly allowance, and a monthly bus pass.

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