After I contact Necco, what happens next?

We will make an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. A licensed clinician will meet with you and the child to discuss the current needs and complete a comprehensive assessment. After the assessment, we will schedule therapy and case management as appropriate.

How does Counseling work?

Counseling is not an exact science and everyone responds differently. Some children need only a few sessions while others might need support for much longer.

The therapist will tailor their approach to the child

Play therapy, art therapy, or traditional talk therapy may all be used depending on the child. Additionally, depending on the identified needs, sessions may be one-on-one with the child or involve the entire family.

The difference between case management and therapy

Many times we assign both a therapist and a case manager to a client. The therapist is responsible for treating any mental health or emotional/behavioral needs that may be present. The case manager will help connect the family with community resources to support both the client and the family as a whole. Our case managers are flexible and will come to your home or meet you in the community.

The cost of therapy

Counseling is accessible and affordable. Each insurance plan is different, so check with your insurance company to find a provider in your network. There is no cost for counseling for any of the Medicaid MCOs.

Support makes Necco stand apart

We understand that every child is different and may require a creative approach to engage. In most cases, initial assessments are scheduled within a week of the first phone call or referral to the agency. Our case managers and clinicians are responsive and will communicate with you about your child’s progress and your concerns.

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