Changing the approach with Kentucky's youth.

There was a time when a youth could be sent to a juvenile detention facility for non-violent offenses, such as skipping school. Thankfully, states are reforming their approach to juvenile offenders.

Through Necco's Alternative to Detention (ATD) Program, Kentucky officials are able to place low-risk juvenile offenders in foster homes as opposed to costly detention facilities.

How it works
Kentucky officials can utilize Necco's foster care, electronic monitoring, and counseling program as an alternative to secure detention facilities. Placing low-risk offenders with foster families provides safety and accountability for the youth, ensures they are present at court hearings, and assures public safety. Best of all, the youth is able to remain in the community, maintaining the bonds he or she has with family or community.

Who is eligible
Necco considers all youth referrals for placement in Foster Care and accepts all youth referred for electronic monitoring, provided they are within our service coverage area.

Necco has over 20 years of experience providing this service to the youth in the Commonwealth. We have been able to achieve positive youth outcomes by working closely with Kentucky officials and utilizing community resources. Necco’s alternative to detention program ensures all youth comply with behavior guidelines, drug testing, school attendance, and court orders.

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