Lexington Kentucky Teen Support

Lexington to provide new substance abuse treatment options for teens

Kentucky kids struggling with substance abuse disorders in the Lexington area now have access to more treatment resources than ever before. Thanks to a $1.37 million grant award from the Kentucky Kids Recovery funds, Necco will provide drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment programs statewide for the first time. The funding stems from two pharmaceutical company settlements totaling $32 million, $19 million of which is earmarked for state adolescent treatment, including opiate additions according to Attorney General Jack Conway’s office.

Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear and Attorney General Jack Conway visited Necco’s Northern Kentucky location in Florence on Thursday, September 4 to present the grant award.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Kentucky currently has only about one-tenth of the treatment beds it needs to combat substance abuse and addiction. The funding from the Kids Recovery Grant provides for expanding treatment beds at existing facilities across Kentucky and creating new juvenile treatment programs in the community, such as the one that Necco will provide.

Necco’s program will take a community and in-home based approach to substance abuse for adolescents. It is a cost effective alternative to traditional residential treatment options, encompassing a myriad of services provided by all ten Necco offices throughout the state of Kentucky. Pam Priddy, Executive Director of Necco Kentucky says, “We are excited to provide services to kids in their communities, with their families.” Necco plans to offer programs such as parenting classes, alcohol and drug education, intensive in-home work with children and their families and much more she said.

First Lady Beshear and Attorney General Conway are long-time advocates in the fight against drug abuse in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and have championed various programs and initiatives that provide much needed treatment, education and support for youth suffering the often devastating effects of addiction.