Team Bowling Green KY Takes Back the Night

Team BG Takes Back the Night

The annual Take Back the Night walk was recently held on March 27th, 2014 at the Warren County Justice Center located in Bowling Green, KY.  

The walk was held in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month that takes place every year in March.  Hundreds of people participated in this years’ walk including Necco youth, foster parents, and Necco of Bowling Green staff.  Necco was proud to see so many members of the Necco family participating in such an important event.  The walk began with a moving speech by guest speaker, Tina McDonald, from the 2012 documentary, The Invisible War.

After Tina’s speech participants gathered up their signs and proudly took a stand against sexual assault by walking the streets of downtown Bowling Green.  The weather was a little cold, however rain, gloom, and sickness couldn’t keep the Necco family from taking a stand.  Necco foster parent, Jimmie Houchens, stood front and center of the crowd lending her voice and support to survivors everywhere.  A big thank you goes out to Jimmie.  Another huge thank you to our other rock-star foster parents who came out to participate in the annual Take Back the Night walk.  These rock-star foster parents included Tina VanMetre, Brenda Anderson, and Mae Grant.

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