Foster Care Stories: The Crawfords

Now We Really Are a Family

“Now we really are a family.”

Kim and Marty Crawford became foster parents with Necco nine months ago.  “We just thought we could help other kids.  We couldn’t have any more biological and had always wanted a big family”, Kim stated.  Having two biological boys of their own, fostering three girls has opened up a new world for Kim, especially.  “Its totally different than boys.  You have someone that you can relate to, someone from your side.  I love shopping with them and taking them to have their hair done.  You know, frilly stuff.” 

When the girls were first placed, Kim reports that they were very standoffish.  She said it took them longer to hug, come out and talk about things bothering them, but mostly, they just weren’t close.  “They didn’t want to get close because they thought they would be taken out of the home.  They showed very little affection”, Kim stated.

But a family trip to Arkansas to meet Marty’s side of the family seemed to change all that.  “We were all in the car on the way back home.  I think it was the middle child.  She just spoke up and said ‘Now we really are a family’.  And also on that trip, the oldest finally let her wall down and started to hug us.  It was like an instant change”. 

Kim and Marty say that the most rewarding part of fostering the girls over the past 9 months is seeing them forms bonds with their foster brothers, friends, and one another.  They are also improving in school and enjoying church as a family.  The Crawfords say their favorite thing to do as a family is go out to eat and to the movies.

When asked where they see themselves 6 months from now, Kim stated, “I see us having an even closer bond.  And of course, I see them still here with us”.