Necco Scholarship Leads to Education

Tyler Harness and Karson Evans are the recipients of the 2017 We Build Families Scholarship Fund. Both are from Kentucky, both are majoring in Education and both are extremely focused and driven.

Tyler Harness is the son of Kathy Harness, Case Manager in Somerset. He will be attending Somerset Community College this Fall as a Freshman, majoring in Education. And he’s doing all of this one year early.

Tyler took advantage of the Accelerated Graduation Program and was able to complete high school in three years. Sound impressive? Let us add that he did all of this as a father to a 16-month-old daughter as well.

Kathy describes Tyler as “smart, athletic, but very goal-oriented.” We think he sounds a whole lot like his mother.

Kathy Harness began working at Necco three years ago and in that time, has earned her Master’s Degree to grow within the company. This had a huge impact on Tyler. In his scholarship application, he wrote:

“Necco has provided my mother with a fantastic job and allowed her to go back to school and get her master’s degree which has inspired me to want to achieve the things that I do and that my mom did, despite all the odds.” --Tyler Harness

Tyler hopes to work as a school counselor or athletic coach so he can help children the way adults in his life have helped him.

You’re already setting a great example, Tyler!

Karson Evans will be attending Northern Kentucky University this Fall as a Freshman, majoring in Education. She is the daughter of Florence Program Director, Kerry Evans. Since she was a little girl, Karson has grown up around foster children. She has watched her mother transition from being a foster parent to becoming a Program Director for Necco. There is no doubt in her mom’s mind that this experienced helped to shape who she is as a person and her future goals.

“Being able to see what others go through and the challenges they overcome has given me a deeper, broader look into life. I’m truly inspired by some of the people I’ve met. They’ve shown me that no obstacle is impossible to overcome.” --Karson Evans

And overcome obstacles she has. Karson has logged over 500 service hours during her four years of high school, received the Presidential Service Award, earned a perfect score on the AP Psychology test, is a member of the National Honor Society and the National Spanish Honor Society, just to name a few.

Kerry describes her daughter as “quiet but fierce”. Karson, we can’t wait to see how you will shake up the world for those in need.