Foster Family Finds Art Therapy

The Art of Social Entrepreneurship

We already know that we have some super special foster parents in Grayson, Kentucky. But we didn’t know is that one of the families became social entrepreneurs, all in the name of art.

Brush Therapy Mobile Art Studio was the vision of Christy and Daniel Harris. Christy, having loved art since she was a small child, wanted to use her passion to have a lasting impact on wellness and mindfulness through art.

Christy started Brush Therapy Creative Art Studio with art parties for groups as it’s main focus. As popular and successful as they were, Christy’s vision for the business was greater. And she wanted it’s impact to be greater, too. All of Christy’s clients were coming to her studio for art. But, she couldn’t stop thinking about the places where art may not be happening. A small change in the name of her studio brought forth a huge change in her business approach.

Christy changed the name of her studio to Brush Therapy Mobile Art Studio and hit the road. It was wildly successful. Christy says that many of her participants share that they cannot even paint a straight line. But, once they make a few strokes with the brush, their eyes light up and their creativity starts to blossom. The best part is that they end up leaving happy with their own piece of handmade art.

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Brush Therapy Mobile Art Studio removes barriers so that everyone can experience art. Christy has also added a social change aspect to her business as well. Businesses who want to do an art party as a charity fundraiser receive $10 back for every participant. If a school has several hundred students and can only afford $5 per child, she finds a way to make that happen as well.

Christy has not only given back to the community by being a stellar foster parent, her business strives to give the gift of art to the community as well! Congratulations on a successful and mindful venture!