Beau Necco's Power Pitch

The Power of the Pitch

When you have a story like Beau Necco does, you should turn it into a pitch.

Anymore, it seems that everyone has an idea or concept they want to "get off the ground." Oftentimes, these ideas are born from folks looking for a get rich quick scheme as opposed to a desire to have a real social impact. When CEO, Beau Necco, first heard about Social Venture Partners (SVP) event, "Fast Pitch", he was instantly intrigued. A Social Entrepreneur himself, Beau was interested in learning more about SVP and how they are using innovation to build and strengthen Cincinnati by supporting nonprofit innovators.

Beau, along with his teenage daughter, Sophia and Rob Goodwin, Necco's Chief People Officer, attended the Fast Pitch event on March 1, 2017. They were amazed at the number of people who filled the Duke Energy Convention Center, all interested in learning who would be Cincinnati's newest change makers. And, as part of the event, attendees voted on the best innovators, based on their pitch.

The purpose of an elevator pitch is to describe a situation or solution so compelling that the person you’re with wants to hear more even after the elevator ride is over. -Seth Godin

Luckily, Fast Pitch helps organizations craft their vision, impact, and message before they present it to the SVP panel of judges. In essence, who will tell the best story.

The organization goals of each of the ten finalists could not have been more diverse. One sought to enrich children's lives through the arts, one focused on violence prevention, while another wanted to empower children through their own storytelling.

Beau, Rob, and Sophia listened to each organization's pitch, taking note of their clarity, emotion, innovation, and impact. Being a data-driven organization, the latter peaked the interest of our group. Necco values data that supports social impact. Although each of the organizations essentially told a story in their pitch, they were required to back it up with statistics as well.

The evening proved to be immensely valuable for everyone from CEO to high school student. It strengthened many of Necco's Corporate Culture Principles: Social Entrepreneurship, Meritocracy, Business Intelligence, and Progressive Leadership. But mostly, it encouraged us to continue telling our story in a way that clearly illustrates our social impact. When we say "We Build Families", there is power in our pitch.

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