Real Talk with IL Youth: Hurt Makes You Whole

Hurt Makes You Whole

The heartache of unfulfillment. The pressure of pushing yourself to an expectation you cannot meet. The battle with comparisons of other people's lives that you use to condemn yourself in the frenzy of appearing WHOLE! But I ask you honestly, are you really whole or are you hurt by the false truths of an "image" that never existed, an image that you can no longer maintain?

Allow me to expound on this for a minute as I feel this would be of great benefit to you in your day to day life.

We've all been hurt in one area of our life or another. We've all suffered at the hands of disappointment, failure and the side effects and afterthoughts (depression) that engulfs us when God has offered you everything but what you had in mind. It's a lonely state: one of fear and uncertainty, one of Anger, Anguish, and Agony. The light diminished, the warmth fading. Darkness has set forth upon me.

In all our despair, It is only by the DARKNESS of our infirmity that we can truly see the truths of ETERNITY. Understanding that affliction from the enemy is turned into an attribute by God that distinguishes you from everyone else in preparation for your purpose is the key to your revival. In other words, what was used to kill you will be used to build you!

In my drive to obtain, I carelessly detained some of the things that were meant for me. In energizing and giving myself unto an image that wasn't real, I missed opportunity. In APPEARING whole, you create a hole! You create a hole in your spirit. You create a hole in your mind, your emotions, and your heart. You cannot be all of YOU when half of YOU is somebody else.

In Necco, I learned that Hurt Can Make You Whole. I learned that using the tools that were created to defeat you, to build you was the best option to use in reaching for success and fulfillment.