Real Talk with IL Youth: Pressure is the Pathway to Purpose

Pressure is the Pathway to Purpose

What is Purpose? I'll help you answer that! The one thing without a shadow of a doubt, undoubtedly, without guess, with surety, with confidence you were meant to do on this earth. Purpose will entail the combination, the marriage, the unity of your passion: your core gift. The one thing you do so well that it's effortless. It's innate, it's rooted deep inside of you, you do it well, not well, you do it exceedingly well! You never were trained in it, you never thought about it, you never think about it, you just do it! You were born with it, you didn't ask for it, you didn't wish for it, it simply is! Your purpose will always entail you core gift! That one thing that you can't explain you can do so well you just do it. In unifying purpose with your core gift, TRAGEDY is the bonding agent! It is the center piece that unites the FEELING of an event or traumatic situation in your life perfectly paralleled to the effortless ability you have in your "Talent Area" to release it at will.

I always say, the best people to talk about something are the ones who went through something. I could not offer you advice or motivation if my life was perfect from birth to the present date. I could not offer you guidance or counsel if my life never had fault or flaw. If I never faced hardship and heartache, If I never drowned by the FEELING of my infirmities, I could never reach you. The reason you went through what you went through wasn't to stop you, hinder you or paralyze you. We are the locks to the door our tragedies open! We are stuck, better yet, frozen in time by the FEELINGS of an event we can't change. We are the ones who misconstrue the meaning of events and allow the negativities that make up the event affect the PERSPECTIVE we have on the event. Finding strength in sorrow is better than suffocating in sorrow! The reason you went through whatever it is you went through was not to stop you, but to accelerate you into your PURPOSE! A singer who sings is not the same as a singer who loves music! Your deep love for music, your passion for the craft must be present! What is your passion? A gifted singer who can sing exceedingly well and has a passion for music will do better than a person who sings without cause. Tragedy equals relate-ability! Your tragedy makes you more reachable, more accessible, more able to be a relief in another person's life through the abilities of your core gift! In that, you find your purpose. A song with meaning, a voice you can tell has gone through hell and back is a true artist! Speaking from a place of experience is better than speaking from a place of regret and fear. Allow the PRESSURES from the tragedy to build a bridge to your purpose! In your purpose will you find peace! In peace you will find balance.

In Necco, I learned that the PRESSURE that caused my depression, caused my unbalance, caused my restlessness, were the same PRESSURES that were crafting the PATHWAY to my PURPOSE.