What services do we provide?

  1. Assist with removing barriers to self-sufficiency
  2. Quarterly Comprehensive Treatment Planning
  3. Monthly IL groups
  4. Assistance with school enrollment/FAFSA/TUITION WAIVER/CLASS SCHEDULING
  5. Vocational and educational referrals
  6. Assistance with seeking employment
  7. Assistance with obtaining a driver’s permit or driver’s license
  8. Assistance with opening a savings/checking account
  9. 24-hour Crisis support
  10. Community Integration
  11. Bridging clients with Community Resources
  12. Mental health services offered (in home/apartment or community)
  13. Weekly one-on-one case management geared towards clients’ needs
  14. FULLY furnished apartment
  15. Paid rent, utilities, internet, home phone
  16. Monthly stipend for client incidentals
  17. Savings plan to assist all youth once they exit the program to obtain housing at 21
  18. Political education so they can be informed and have their voices heard!

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