For those who go above and beyond for our kids!

Calling all Necco foster parents! We are holding a contest to nominate the teachers in our schools who have gone above and beyond for our foster children! In the spirit of Nicholas Hobbs, author of The Troubled and Troubling Child and founder of the 12 Principles of Re-ED, we want to celebrate teachers who:

  • Are nurturing
  • Collaborate with foster parents and case manager to set goals
  • Advocate for our kids
  • Encourage participation in school events, programs, and especially group activities
  • Build trust
  • Know our children's weaknesses, but focus on their strengths

These are just a few ways our teachers are helping our children succeed! What others can you think of? Tell us all about it! The contest will be open from September 12, 2016 through October 17, 2016!

Click here to submit your nomination!

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