Keeping families together.

Through a combination of education, skills training, behavioral health and common sense — Necco helps build safety and permanency.

Necco meets clients where they are in life, to deliver greater well-being for each family member. In doing so Necco offers a range of services aimed at family preservation, preventing certain offenses, managing addiction and more.

Services include:

  • Anger Management & Violence Prevention
  • Community Service
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Parenting
  • PRI (Prime for Life)
  • Theft Prevention

How it works:

Available in select Kentucky locations, Parent Education Services seek to develop, support, and empower the family unit by teaching problem-solving skills, assisting parents in becoming advocates for themselves and their children, and coordinating available community resources. Services combine skill-based intervention using nationally recognized and culturally sensitive curriculum. The curriculum will assist in teaching the family how to live together safely while addressing their immediate needs as parents. It is a program goal that families will learn the cycle of violence and abuse and will learn ways to prevent abuse and neglect of children.

Parent Education Services include 12 weeks of closed small group sessions for parents including but not limited to topics such as parenting skills, strategies, discipline and effective listening.

The overall indicator to a successful intervention is that the risk of abuse or neglect is reduced. This is based on the family’s strengths and the enhanced capacity to provide for their children’s needs without assistance. This is also based on the level of education that they received on the subject matter. The nature of Parent Education is focused on empowering a family to provide better care for its members. Parent Education classes provide educational advocacy services for families and children during interventions if necessary.

Program eligibility:

Parent Education referrals can come from DCBS, the court, community partners and by way of self-referral. The family does not need to have an open child protective services case to receive services. Parent Education Services are offered on a voluntary basis to referred families. The family must agree to the terms of service EXCEPT in the case of a referral by the Cabinet or Court.

Please contact the Kentucky location nearest you for more information on these and other services.

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