For every family we build, there is a story to tell. Here is the showcase of some of our favorites.

Necco Graduates: I Am Not a Statistic

Even though we are starting this story off with some cold, hard statistics, we promise it has a happy ending! According to "National Factsheet on... See more.

Real Talk with IL Youth: I Lived

I Lived The greatest gift we have that is so commonly ignored, in the midst of life, is the ability to LIVE IT! In all our problems, in all our... See more.

Test Your Foster Care Knowledge

How much do you know about foster care? Test your knowledge here!Quiz Loading... See more.

Big Data and Permanency: What’s the Big Idea?

Merriam-Webster defines big data as “an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional database management tools”... See more.

We Build Families...Safe at Home

"This program could not be more in line with our strategy...building families."--Amy Rickman, West Virginia State Director.The families of West... See more.

Fast Times at Strategy High

Remember the excitement of your 5th grade class trip to Washington, D.C.?You walked around the city, taking in the wonders with a group of your... See more.

Samantha and Jenna: Their Journey

Samantha and Jenna Robinson sat side by side under the white-hot lights of a quiet dressing room at the historic Paramount Theatre. Dressed... See more.

Your child is ready for back-to-school - are you?

Tips for ParentsAs the halls fill with the sound of kids chattering about the summer of 2014, parents everywhere with school-age children prepare... See more.

Tri-State Area Student Receives Necco Scholarship

Necco awards two scholarships for 2014At Necco our work is all about building families, including those represented by our employees. As a company... See more.

Huntington restaurateur gives back

Each year advocates all over the United States come together to recognize National Foster Care Month.With nearly 400,000 American children in the... See more.

Huntington Foster Parent Shortage

Have you thought about how you can help by becoming a foster or adoptive parent? Take it from the Reeds, it can be a very rewarding experience.Last... See more.

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